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fifty percent ART.


about me

Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Hieu – pronounced /hue/. 

I am a proud Product Designer for Atlassian–an Australian company who builds tools for teams at different sizes to collaborate and get stuffs done. Currently I'm based in San Francisco.

To do best at my job, I always need two sides of my brain: 

The art side:

I got my undergrad degree in graphic design from San Diego State University and that gave me an extensive understanding of visual graphics ranging from typography, colors, forms, symbols to motions. As an ideal complementary component, I have always been creative as a kid, a student and a designer. This side of the brain gives me the great passion of coming to work everyday and it is also the key to delight my end users.  

The science side:

After working in the field of product design for the last six years, I’ve gained a significant amount of knowledge in the world of software development to help me communicate with my fellow engineers effectively. This is incredibly valuable because team effort is the key to building any cutting-edge products.

Then within the last three years, I have also been spending my weeknights and weekends on acquiring knowledge in the realm of HCI (human-computer interaction) through an online master degree with Iowa State University. Graduating from this program in December 2017, I was able to equip myself in deeper knowledge in research methodologies, cognitive psychology, human-centered design and how emerging technology impacts our society.

This side of the brain gives me the assurance everyday I come to work that my products will have an impact, big or small, on people’s lives.


I am a global citizen.

I grew up in the beautiful country of Vietnam. Since I came to America for college and then work 12 years ago, I have lived in Texas, Seattle, San Diego, Las Vegas and currently San Francisco.

If you're in the Bay Area, come say hello at Atlassian (San Francisco and Mountain View offices).