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Concept mobile app for out of town delivery service

What if there’s an app that allows you to make extra cash while driving out of town by delivering an item for someone else? UPS or FedEX might not run on the weekend or they can be super expensive.

Imagine this flow.

As a driver:

  • You put up your upcoming trips so other users are aware where you’re going

  • Once someone requests a delivery, you review, accept or decline

  • On your day of travel, you spend some extra time delivering the package and earn yourself some money for gas while still enjoying your traveling!

As a sender:

  • You need to send a package / letter to someone in a driving distance away and you need it delivered within half to one day at a very low cost

  • You choose your delivery destination and the date

  • You pick a driver. The reference could base on his/her rating or time of arrival

  • You provide info about your package and delivery address

  • You request and wait for acceptance from the driver

Challenges in the real world use case:

  • Safety check for the packages

  • Safety check for drivers


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