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MyNetflix - Concept Mobile App

MyNetflix - Concept Mobile App


I have been a loyal Netflix customer for 5 years and so I thought, let's design an app that could enhance the user experience before and after watching it.


This concept app was inspired by the following needs:

1. Discover and see what are recommended by my friends or other Netflix users 

2. Comment and chat to other Netflix users about the show. This could also be a good way to make new friends who share similar taste. 

3. Keep track of my to-watch list so I don't forget 


About this design:

1. Optimized for iOS but also adaptive to Android

2. Accordion style to create fluid transition between 3 main pages: Friends (shows shared by my friends), Queue (my to-watch list) and Watched (shows I finished watching). 

3. Movie cards can be dragged and dropped from one page to another. That way it is very easy to save, mark completed and share your favorite shows. 


How does it work with Netflix:

1. This could be an independent app from Netflix. User can use the same login and launch Netflix app from here.

2. This app could sync with the main Netflix app to move a show from Queue to Watched

3. This app can help increase traffic on Netflix as words are spread among friends via ratings and messages 


Tool used: Sketch

Proposed Interaction:  https://youtu.be/VK06hU1MI6M