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WithMe Shopping Kiosk Application


WithMe Shopping Kiosk Application


From the early 2014 until today (late 2016), this POS system – aka “Big Dipper” as we named it, has been evolving to become a core technology of hardware and software at WithMe. Premiered at the first-ever Zappos Pop Up store in the holiday shopping season of 2014 in downtown Las Vegas, the Big Dipper has been well-received by the consumers across the country. From the NRF show in New York in early 2015, then TOMS pop up store in Chicago late 2015, to the Century21 Department Store in Santa Monica in early 2016 and more upscale mall locations for this upcoming holiday season, the design and development of the Big Dipper has been a primary focus at WithMe.


The design task for a Point of Sale fixture like this Big Dipper presents a number of interesting challenges that range from ergonomic design, environmental settings to the psychology of the combined online and brick-and-mortar shopping experience. In order to effectively solve a variety of these challenges, our design team constantly conducted our researches from the existing market as well as gathering feedback from our new customers. We often did not get the ideal time to fully test the product due to the extreme pace being at a startup; yet we always listened to what our users got to say so that we could build something that really worked.


Our small design team has been working closely on this product from the get go. We were fully in charge of the interface aspect but also had a say in the hardware design as how it resonates with the software. My role has been evolving throughout the evolution of the Big Dipper. I first worked on it in 2014 helping the lead UX/UI designer with asset creation and exports. Then in the first redesign phase in 2015, I was in charge of modifying a variety of UX flows along with its visuals. With the experience gained along the way, I finally took the full lead on redesigning the interface for the new version that is coming out this holiday season.

As a majority of the Big Dipper’s interface involves high resolution images and graphics, we chose Photoshop CC as our main tool. Then for this year redesign, I decided to explore Sketch. It worked great and integrated really well with asset management tool Zeplin and animation generator Principle.


During the holiday shopping season of 2016, WithMe successfully opened stores in 5 major cities including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Portland. The design updates on the kiosk have proven to drive in more traffic and increase purchase conversion. 




Please view the full purchasing flow here: https://youtu.be/BVD-aXYFvfw